How To Jump High Using Olympic Lifts

Hey Athlete’s,

Have you ever heard the phrase – Olympic Lifts make Olympic Athletes?

It’s TRUE.

Come On Guys… Work On Your Technique Dog-Gone-It!

So what exactly are Olympic Lifts?

What I’m talking about here are cleans and snatches. You know, those exercises for increasing vertical jump that everyone says you need to be doing but no one will take the time to show you how the heck to do them properly.

Yes PROPERLY… This is a very important term, not only for Olympic Lifts but for all vertical jump training.

We are talking about…

Technique… Technique… Technique…? It’s ALL about the “T” word.

A lot of coaches say Olympic lifts cause injuries and some claim that they are unnecessary to increase your vertical jump.

The TRUTH is actually the complete opposite!? These lifts can help your vertical jump fly… and the only way you get injured is by poor technique.

Your technique has to be really good and you need to have plenty of practice before incorporating cleans and snatches into your vertical jump training.


You won’t get much out of them. So let me help you get this technique down and you will love Olympic Lifts once you technically master them.

Start with a broomstick, then work your way up to a bar.? You will begin to athletically adapt and your vertical gains will follow!

Still not convinced…

Statistically, all those who achieve a snatch weighted to their own body weight, nearly all have a 40 inch standing vertical!

How Freakin Crazy Is That!

Here are articles that give you sound technique on the two Olympic Lifts that will really give you an advantage on the basketball court and ultimately help train you how to jump higher for basketball!? They are the Jump Snatch and the Hang Clean.

Need to know more exercise for you to jump higher, just read this article at :